Skate for Lebanon - 24 Hour Skate-a-Thon

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On August 4th, Lebanon experienced a devastating explosion, leaving thousands injured and over 300 thousand homeless. The Lebanese, already struggling with a refugee crisis and pandemic, need your help.

In response we’ve set out on a mission to raise funds for relief efforts, with a 24 hour skate-a-thon. Beginning on Sept 25th at 12pm PDT and ending on Sept 26th at 12pm PDT, this event will offer dozens of skating classes as well as panel discussions on diversity in skating, the history of Lebanon and the aftermath of the explosion. We will even have a roller disco led by Adrienne, founder of Moon Light Roller Skates. 

Skating is all about community, and this feeling of community is what Lebanon needs right now. EVERYONE is coming together to help and bring you the year's biggest and most epic skating event!!!!

Now all we need is you! Buy your ticket here and join your favorite skaters - including @oumi_janta, @candai, @nickthemedic, @rollertravisreynolds, @anaocto and many more - for the 24 hour Skate for Lebanon Fundraiser.



  • You MUST include a working email at check out in order to receive your link to the live feed;
  • a unique password protected link will be sent out three days before the event, meaning you will only be able to stream on one device per purchase;
  • the price is charged in GBP because that is where Salam UK and Free Border Skate are both registered. The price is roughly $24 USD ($1 per hour); and
  • if you purchase any add-on, they will be shipped after the event. If you purchase a unity sticker, these will also be shipped on Sept 27th. As we are a small NGO with a limited amount of resources, we make shipments in bulk.