Skate For Lebanon "The Hang Over " Post Recording Event (READ CAREFULLY )

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Missed out on Skate for Lebanon?

Didn't get your ticket in time?

Heard from all your friends how exciting it was?

Well you're in luck because you can still purchase access the entire 24 hours of skate classes and recordings start to finish for another 30 days!!

You'll get to watch Candice Heiden break down moves from the infamous Chet Faker Gold, Oumi Janta , show us her signature moves and learn to spin like none other than Estro Jen herself. 

After you purchase your ticket, you MUST register here~!   Once we have your registration, we will compare your name, email address and ticket number to our records, then approve access. Please allow 24 hours from the time you register, to the time of gaining access to the recordings!