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The Official Moxi Meet Up & Roll Out

Join us for the The Official Moxi Meet up & Roll Out

Sunday, Jan. 26th, 2020

2 pm - 5pm - Venice Beach Skate Park 

A Fundraiser for Free Border Skate - £10/ $13 - Donation

All proceeds go to Free Border Skate



Free Border Skate is a female lead, female centered extreme skate program in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, aimed at fostering positive spaces for youth living in areas of conflict and civil unrest. Through the therapeutic nature of physical activity and the confidence building that comes with learning an extreme sport, Free Border Skate encourages children and teenagers to positively express themselves, and work towards overcoming the trauma(s) of their past. Program participants will grow physically as well as emotionally, as they learn through the encouragement from their skate community.


Watch the video on Free Border Skate and join the movement.


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