Beirut Explosion: Message from our Headquarters
"We at Salam LADC (Lebanon, UK, Norway, France & Sweden) open our premises in Beirut for those who need shelter, food, help, safety and getting together in the days ahead. This applies to both volunteers who are there and who now need help, solidarity workers, locals, refugees and people who need a place to go. Everyone is welcome!
Our organization Salam LADC mainly operates in Bekaadalen, and actively support Syrians, Palestinians and Lebanese with low income. Currently however, our team is in Beirut, on the ground working to transport people from all over the country to donate blood. In order to continue, we will need your help in raising emergency funding over the next few days.
 ***Our organization is a UK-registered aid organization charity number ( ) , with headquarters in Lebanon, Norway, France, London and Sweden. All branches work in tandem to support projects in the Lebanese capital of Beirut and in the Bekaa Valley.  If you have the opportunity to make a donation, this will be a huge help to our field team, so we can operate our premises in all the chaos If you have any questions send a message to Sojourn Wallace head of UK or Joseph Matta director.,**** 





Salam LADC supports vulnerable populations in Lebanon through providing direct aid, running various projects and facilitating the efforts and initiatives of independent volunteers and organizations. We provide a platform for international volunteers, grassroots initiatives, and private and institutional donors to coordinate their efforts towards assisting and empowering refugee and other vulnerable populations across Lebanon, whilst also serving as a link to the major local and international actors.

As of June 2018, Free Border skate & Salam LADC have partnered to deliver skate classes and summer programs for refugee children living in Lebanons Beqaa Valley. All funding raised for Free Border Skate’s charitable project and community projects, is done so under the auspice/supervision of Salam LADC UK; a registered charity in the U.K. & Lebanon (Charity no. 1173148.) All donations made on behalf of Free Border Skate are tax deductible for U.K. tax payers.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Free Border Skate a charity?

A: No. Free Border Skate is not a charity. It is a charitable business meaning we primarily focus on charitable projects and community outreach. 

Q: I thought Free Border Skate was a charity; if its not a charity, what is it? 

A: Free Border Skate is a charitable/social business also known as a social enterprise. Because our Free Border Books do make a partial profit and ownership of the books remain with the author, Free Border Skate can no longer be classified as not-for profit. However, twenty-five percent of the profits from book sales are donated to our outreach program(s) . 

Q: I want to donate, how much of my donation will go to charity?

A: When you make a donation, 100% of your donation goes directly to Salam LADC, our charitable partner. When you donate online either through paypal giving or the Just Giving platform, your donation is automatically sent directly to the charity and earmarked for Free Border's our community outreach program. 

Q: How do I know my money is being spent as you say?

A: In the U.K., both HMRC and the charity commission monitor all registered charities and require yearly reporting which you can request. If you would like to request a copy of our yearly report email