SKATING 101 (coming soon)

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Free Border Skate has partnered with some of the worlds best roller skaters in an effort to help you build a solid foundation for your rollerskating journey. In our online classes, you'll learn everything you need to get started on your rollerskating journey!

In this beginner class, you'll learn:

1. What is a  a roller skate anyway?

Its important to be your own best advocate when it comes to your roller skating journey, so understanding what each part of your skate is and does, as well as the mechanics behind it, is extremely important, and will aid you in your progression. During the first five minutes of every class, you'll have a chance to discuss your skate setup, what you could do to improve your skates, and recommendations of skates if you choose to upgrade. Free Border Skate partners with Moxi Roller Skates and offers our students a discount when they use our code FBSKATES.

2.  Protective gear: What it does, how to wear it & when.

3. Roller Skating practical: How to stand, properly fall, skate forwards & backwards, stop, and turn. 

Please keep in mind. Space is LIMITED to 22 skaters each week. Because Free Border Skate is a social enterprise, everything we do comes with a "social kickback" meaning our instructors agree to donate a portion of the proceeds they make, back to our work with refugees in Lebanon.