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Salam LADC was founded by Joseph Matta in 2006, focusing on strengthening the dialogue between displaced people and their host communities in Lebanon. Over the years it has conducted many important projects such as setting up libraries in prisons and enabling higher education to Syrian refugees (together with the Spark organization).

In January 2016, acknowledging the immense number of refugees in Lebanon (1/4 of the population), Martin Kvernbekk arrived in Lebanon to assess the situation. It did not take long until Joseph met with Martin and it became apparent that their visions were aligned. As a result they decided to merge Salam LADC with the Volunteering Lebanon network Martin had started, creating Salam’s international platform. 

Almost one year later, history began to repeat itself when Sojourn Wallace, (Co-founder of Off Track Health), travelled to the the Bekaa Valley to evaluate any additional needs in the region and to get an understanding of how her UK based organization could fill any gaps in medical care. With Off Track Health having had great success in developing projects across Greece during the height of the refugee crisis, a collaboration and eventual merger between Salam LADC and Off Track Health became a very natural decision - ultimately replacing Off Track Health with what is now known as Salam UK . 

Salam LADC and the wider Salam network all provide a platform for volunteers, grassroots initiatives, and private and institutional donors to coordinate their efforts towards assisting and empowering refugees and other vulnerable populations across Lebanon.Our aim is to provide flexible, effective and non-bureaucratic relief efforts to fill the gaps between the needs of refugees and local communities.