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International Skate Week

March 29th - April 4th 

International Skate Week is a fundraising initiative happening all over the world, where volunteers and supporters (that means you!) are encouraged to host rollouts & skate meetups in your local community, to support our mission of fostering positive spaces for youth living in areas of conflict and civil unrest, through the power of skating. Learn more about Free Border Skate by watching our video here

If you are interested in supporting our program by hosting a rollout, all you need to do is email everygirl@salamuk.org. In your subject line please write your City +State: Fundraising.


In the body of your email please state:

  1. Your name/host name (if you are a CIB chapter please let us know here)

  2. The time

  3. Exact date you’ll host

  4. Duration

  5. Price

  6. Exact location including city and meeting point.

**If there are additional pieces of information you’d like to add please do so.


Once we receive your email, we will create a ticket for you below - as well as a confirmation email letting you know you can begin marketing your rollout. Please note that all tickets sales must go through freeborderskate.org for transparency purposes.


PLEASE only send this email if you are sure you’ll be hosting. If you have questions - ONLY do so in a separate email. Please send all host submissions in by March 15th.

Joining a roll out? Get your tickets below!

(tickets are in alphabetical order- not by date)